This tutorial was written by me aka Designs By Lynne.
Any resemblance to other lessons or tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.
Please do not repost this tutorial to the web or any other group without my express written permission.
Please do not attempt to change this tutorial in any way or claim it as your own.


This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed:
PSPX (any version will work)
Animation Shop
Tube(s) of choice

Kit or supplies of choice

I am using the beautiful "Attiude Is Everything" ScrapKit from Scrappy Lippy
which can be purchased

Lets begin:

new image 550x550  flood fill white

Open LM_paper4  resize 80%  copy and paste as new layer

Open LM_paper5   resize 80%  copy and paste as new layer
change the blend mode on this layer to BURN

preshape tool rectangle  line width 25  draw a rectangle big enough for a frame

magic wand click insdie frame  selections modify expand by 3
selections invert  make sure you are merged layer  hit delete on keyboard
selections none

magic wand  click on frame
Open LM_Paper7 resize 80%  copy and paste into selection
selections none

Open your tube of choice  resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer  move this below the frame layer  duplicate
move this above the frame  with your eraser tool erase any over hang you might have like shown


Open LM_flower3  resize 60%x3  copy and paste as new layer
place in upper right hand corner

Open LM_doodle4 click on bottom layer
copy and paste as new layer  duplicate flip

Open LM_doodle3  image resize 75%x2  copy and paste as new layer
move below tube layer   change blend mode on this layer to OVERLAY
duplicate mirror flip  move this to bottom right
(see tag for placement)

Open LM_words  pick your poison lol
I choosed the bottom one lol

selection tool  draw around word of choice  copy close original
paste as new image  resize 60%  copy

Open animation shop  paste as new animation
Effects>Insert Image Effect>Rotating colors
length=1.5  frames per second 3 hit ok
you will have a total of 4 frames
go to frame 1 delete  edit select all minimize

back in PSP on working image type out the words ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING place at top of image
 edit copy merged

paste as new animation  make a total of 3 frames  edit select all

On your word animation Edit copy  on working image edit paste into selected frame
Animation>frame properties  change to 30  view animation if happy resize if desired
save as GIF