Exceptional DESiGN

The Exceptional DESiGN logo, which features a visual representation of the letter "E" in Braille, an artistic handprint, and the words "Developing Environmental Sustainability in Greater Norfolk - Exceptional DESiGN"

Exceptional DESiGN combines energy engineering with visual, tactile, and aural art to build students' employability skills, creative enterprise, and interest in the green economy.

The programme is a three-day residential held at Norfolk County Council's beautiful Holt Hall that uses interactive indoor and outdoor learning to build young people's capacity. The curriculum combines the energy-focused "Bright Futures" programme, the arts-centric "DESiGN" initiative, and the Exceptions Literary Journal "Accessible Art" project to create a session that is engaging and accessible for all students.

Exceptional DESiGN brings together students from across Norfolk and Norway for a few days of energy engineering learning and environmental art and poetry creation. 

A visual representation of Exceptional DESiGN's focus on skill-building through fun, friends, sustainable energy, and accessible art. Pictures from young people having fun around the Hall are included.

Student participants at Exceptional DESiGN have the chance to:

  • Write an environmentally inspired poem under the guidance of an award-winning poet;
  • Produce visual art and tactile sculptures based on that poem with the support of environmental artists; and
  • Compete in an energy engineering design program.

Students are guided through the Exceptional DESiGN programme by a teaching team with an array of experience in energy engineering, environmental poetry, visual art, and music as well as accessible indoor and outdoor teaching. Workshops include learning about famous environmental artists and the principles of using nature in artwork, writing environmental poetry, a master class on painting, and natural sculpture. Classroom sessions revise and expand students’ knowledge of climate change science, engineering, and physics. Other activities include teambuilding and outdoor games.

Artwork created during Exceptional DESiGN programmes is joined with pieces created by Michigan State University students as part of the "Accessible Art" project to form a joint gallery that will be displayed around the UK at various universities and community centres. To learn more about the Exceptions Literary Journal and "Accessible Art", visit the online web exhibit composed of photo, audio, and video at http://exceptionsjournal.com/content/accessible-art/.

Exceptional DESiGN develops energy awareness, an appreciation of the role of technology, and creative communication methods in a way that is accessible by all students, encouraging inclusion and diversity even as it builds capacity for Norfolk young people to take on leadership roles in the green economy. To learn more about Exceptional DESiGN, contact the Coordinating Team at brightfuturesnorfolk@norfolkadvisory.com.