"DESiGN" is a residential education programme run by Norfolk County Council and Marshall Scholars at Holt Hall in Norfolk.

DESiGN residentials bring Norfolk students together with Marshall Scholar postgraduate and University of East Anglia undergraduate mentors to explore environmental arts, policy, and science. Students spend three days in the beautiful grounds of Holt Hall enhancing their leadership, communication, and campaigning skills. The programme culminates in the formation of action plans, with students' creating detailed proposals for environmental action in their schools and communities.

Community action plans might include:
  • A graphic design competition in their high school for posters encouraging students to turn off the lights and taps when not in use;
  • A visit to their primary school to do arts and crafts projects using recycled materials; or
  • A campaign to their local government to enhance support for community recycling schemes.

DESiGN students learn to use their own creativity and enjoyment of the outdoors to help design Norfolk's future while gaining employability and academic skills, broadening their horizons and opening new doors.

DESiGN is an arts-based sister programme of Norfolk County Council's energy-based Bright Futures.

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