Welcome to the DesignLAK20 workshop

The 5th Annual DesignLAK Workshop focuses on the challenge of ensuring quality measures of learning when using learning analytics in the context of learning design. The challenge of determining appropriate measures of learning forms part of a broader discussion in the learning analytics community around the methodological development of the field. When recognizing that learning analytics practitioners encompass experts from diverse fields, who may not use a common set of methodologies, difficulties arise around how the quality of learning and design is assessed (Law et al., 2019; Ochoa, Herrchkovitz, Wise & Knight, 2017). 

In this interactive, half-day workshop participants will be given the opportunity to apply a newly developed quality standards framework to a range of learning design scenarios as a reflective and evaluative tool for design for learning. Participants will also have the opportunity to road-test the standards for their own context and to provide feedback to assist in further development and refinement of the standards framework. Outcomes from the workshop will include an improved version of the standards framework that will be made available to the learning analytics community and a research publication which will report on the evaluation and related discussions held during the workshop.


The workshop will be structured around a series of small group activities (4-6 people per group) and therefore will require a space with tables around which the groups can work. The room will also need to be equipped with a projector and whiteboard as well as flipcharts for each group. The workshop will open with a brief presentation on the topic of learning analytics and design with a focus on the importance of using appropriate measures of learning. Participants will then be given an opportunity to nominate any key questions that they have that they would like to see addressed throughout the workshop.

This will be followed by an introduction to the metrolytic standards, including background on how they were developed and how it is envisaged that they can be applied in practice. A set of common learning design scenarios will then be given to the groups from which they can select one to evaluate using the metrolytic standards. Groups will be asked to work through the process in a systematic way, highlighting any issues or challenges and noting down any suggestions for improvement. At the end of this activity each group will be asked to report back on the evaluation they have conducted based on their assigned learning design and associated learning analytics. This will be followed by a whole group discussion of key issues raised. Participants will then be asked to form new groups which will be allocated based on their interest and/or experience of learning designs and analytics in their own context. The metrolytic standards will be applied to their own context scenarios with opportunities given to provide feedback to the organisers on any key issues or suggestions for change that they foresee in their own practice. The workshop will end with a synthesis of all the issues and suggestions raised and a look at future development and contributions that the metrolytic standards could offer.