Welcome to the DesignLAK19 workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to consider and make more explicit the issues relating to validity and design in the learning analytics community. While there is increasing acknowledgement of the importance of the validity of measures used in learning analytics, this workshop seeks to explore the role design can play in helping to evaluate such validity. This is especially important for scenarios where a more generic learning analytics tool can be used to monitor a range of learning and assessment designs. Questions to be considered during the workshop will include:

  1. How can design be used to determine measures of mastery in assessment?

  2. What assumptions are inherent in the assessment of measures related to learning and/or competency development?

  3. What can we learn from assessment and psychometric research about determining validity that we can apply in learning analytics approaches/systems/tools?

  4. What are the key considerations for addressing validity in learning analytics with reference to learning design?

The outcome of the workshop will be the publication of a set of key considerations for addressing validity in learning analytics with reference to learning design which will be made available on the workshop website and will form the basis of a discussion paper to be prepared by the workshop coordinators.


The half-day workshop is designed to stimulate discussion and critical analysis of the key issues related to validity in the learning design and analytics context. This will be an interactive event comprised of short presentations, case scenarios and group discussions.

We welcome anyone with an interest in learning analytics and learning design to participate, particularly those involved in the design and implementation of assessment. While we will be calling for assessment design scenarios to be submitted and presented, the workshop will be open to anyone who would like to attend and participate in the discussion.