Welcome to the DesignLAK18 workshop

The main objective of this workshop is to share and evaluate a range of systems and tools that link learning analytics with learning design in order to provide feedback to developers and identify new insights for future development in the area. The workshop will be very interactive in nature with participants having a chance to use and explore these systems and tools in order to provide feedback and engage in discussions about what we can learn from such developments. 
Developers of learning analytics/learning design systems and tools will be given the opportunity to submit proposals for their work to be included and reviewed as part of the workshop and can benefit from the feedback provided by fellow participants on their work. Submissions on use case scenarios are also invited as test cases for the submitted systems and tools. The aim is to create a constructive conversation about the ways learning analytics and learning design can be connected through the consideration of current initiatives also helping to identify opportunities and challenges in moving this area forward.  

Who can attend this workshop:

The full-day workshop is expected to attract approximately 30-40 participants and will be open to
anyone with an interest in learning analytics and learning design (e.g. teachers, learning designers,
researchers, developers, etc.).

You can participate in DesignLAK18 in two ways:
  • As contributor responding to the call 
  • As a participant without any contributions but interested in knowledge sharing and participation in the discussions at the workshop