Welcome to the Design LAK17 workshop

Notions of what constitutes quality in learning and assessment design in traditional on-campus or online teaching-learning settings may not translate well in scaled digital environments. This workshop, DesignLAK17, provides the opportunity to explore the issues and opportunities arising from the use of analytics in scaled assessment design. There are opportunities for new paradigms of learning design to exploit the distinctive characteristics and potentials of analytics, trace data and newer kinds of sensory data available on digital platforms, and to transform assessment in the process.

However, notions of what is and is not good quality assessment design need to be reconsidered, and new metrics for capturing quality are required to unleash these anticipated potentials of data analytics. This symposium and workshop will focus on what might be appropriate quality metrics and indicators for analytics-based assessment design in scaled learning. It aims to build a community of interest around the topic, to share perspectives, and to generate design and research ideas. 

The full day workshop will be organized as follows. First, a symposium/workshop call will invite two kinds of input: short papers of up to 3000 words, selected for quality and relevance on the basis of abstracts of 400 – 500 words; and case studies and artefacts, (such as 3 minute in person or video presentations, posters, data visualizations and other multimedia artefacts) illustrating the theme. 

Secondly, we intend to use this website to facilitate discussion and interaction of the developing community. The accepted abstracts and artifacts will be made available for the participants on this site a week before the workshop starts.

Who can attend this workshop:

DesignLAK17 is open for everyone interested in the field including:

  • researchers from the learning sciences

  • learning analysts with a design orientation

  • learning designers and instructional designers

  • teachers in scaled environments

  • assessment specialists, pedagogy specialists or curriculum designers

  • policy-makers and learning administrators

  • anyone who has struggled with assessment and metrics design

You can participate in DesignLAK17 in two ways:

  • As contributor responding to the call , see more information here

  • As a participant without any contributions but interested in knowledge sharing and participation in the discussions at the workshop