Welcome to the Design LAK16 workshop!

Where and when?  

25th of April 2016 , part of  the 6th International Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK16) Conference Edinburgh, Scotland.

What for?
This workshop is about the theory and practice of learning design for scaled courses like MOOCs.

It aims to take stock of the field, assessing where it is up to, and where it might go next.

In spirit it is research-based, future oriented, and aimed at establishing the learning analytics community as central to design for quality teaching and learning. Read more here 

Who should attend?   

 Participants from both L@S and LAK16 conferences are welcome :-)  including:

  • researchers from the learning sciences
  • learning analytics with a design orientation
  • learning designers and instructional designers
  • teachers in scaled environments
  • assessment specialists, pedagogy specialists or curriculum designers
  • policy-makers and learning administrators
  • anyone who has struggled as a learner in a MOOC

Connect now

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Tell us what you think about the topic.

Workshop design

Meet and hear from researchers from Australia, the Americas, Continental Europe and Britain who will input various perspectives on the core questions.

Engage with others, and contribute your experiences and perspectives to answer the core questions, using dynamic, structured conversations aimed at harnessing the collective intelligence in the room.  The process (World Café) is fast moving, and fun. Come ready to work!

Position Paper

We aim to crowdsource and curate a position paper stocktaking current thinking and establishing future directions including harvesting input and quotations from participants in the workshop. Please note that participants at the DesignLAK16 workshop are not required to submit papers beforehand.