Where Design Begins

“… Design and thinking is … idea of making creative leaps to come up with  a solution… allows people to not just be problem solvers with explicit, but also tacit knowledge… they are learning by doing… coming up with solutions by making things.”

Bill Moggridge, former Director (deceased)                        

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum                                           Design and Thinking, the Movie

Design Begins with Ideas... Ideas that come when we have to find solutions to very big or sometimes very small challenges. Anyone can think about design. Anyone can be a designer. Anyone who looks at something and thinks "I could make that better for the people who use it" becomes a design thinker. In Albemarle County Public Schools, we see our young learners and our workforce as offering us the best of what designers do - create pathways to that which is possible so that we can better meet others' needs as well as our own.

The New York Hall of Science Design Lab