Chapter 1
Building Community & Presence in Online Learning 
Kevin Chamorro, Jon Hoff, Keith Mickelson, and Tyler Skillings

Chapter 2
Effective Lectures in the Online Environment (2014)
Lisa Berry, Amy Hatchner, Nathan Kraftcheck, and Ryan Wender

Chapter 3
Authentic Assessment in Online Education 
Darin Michael Gray, Cheryl Brown, Michael Jon Maki, and Karen Schulte

Seth William Bell, Jeremy Robert Fitzpatrick, Donna Marie Ledford, and Lauren Bethany Perotto

Chapter 5
Demystifying the LMS (2014)
Corey Brown, Amy Herring, James Murtagh, and Alexis Wheat

Chapter 6
Multi-Media Tools for Online Educators (2014)
Gilbert Apodaca, James Doran, Dustin Parulis, and Virginia Yanowsk

Chapter 7
Beyond C.A.R.P. A Deeper Dive into Graphic Design for Online Instructional Designers (2015)
Tim Tanner

Chapter 8
Proving You’re Not a Dog: Designing for Social Presence (2015)
David J. Mulder

Krista Greear

Jason Bader