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Wireless Game Adapter

wireless game adapter
    wireless game adapter
  • A Wireless game adapter is a device that, once connected to a video game console or handheld, enables internet and\or multiplayer access.

Eighteen 050
Eighteen 050
Pokemon FireRed Version and LeafGreen Version (????????? ??????????????? Poketto Monsuta Faiareddo Rifugurin?, lit. "Pocket Monsters: FireRed & LeafGreen") are enhanced remakes of the original Pokemon Red and Blue video games, which were released in 1996. The new titles were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance and have compatibility with the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, which originally came bundled with the games. FireRed and LeafGreen were first released in Japan in January 2004 and released to North America and Europe in September and October respectively. Nearly two years after their original release, Nintendo re-marketed them as Player's Choice titles. FireRed and LeafGreen are members of the Pokemon series of role-playing games. As in previous games, the player controls the player character from an overhead perspective, and participates in turn-based combat encounters. However, new features such as a contextual help menu and a new region the player may access have also been added. Throughout the games, the player captures and raises Pokemon for use in battle. The games received mostly positive reviews, obtaining an aggregate score of 81 percent on Metacritic. Most critics praised the fact that the games introduced new features while still maintaining the traditional gameplay of the series. Reception of the graphics and audio was more mixed, with some reviewers complaining that they were too simplistic and not much of an improvement over the previous games, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. FireRed and LeafGreen were commercial successes, selling a total of around 12 million copies worldwide.
Day 232: Wireless
Day 232: Wireless
Today these bad boys arrived. I won a Sony prize draw to test the new wireless SingStar microphones. Other than the obvious, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from the design. What surprised me was that they were quite a bit bigger than the wired ones, and they they weren't bluetooth after all, they include a USB adapter, and also work with the PS2. I played a few of the easier songs on SingStar to test them out, and wasn't to impressed with the results. Had to pay a lot more attention to the game to stop the vocal bare spraying all over the place, or even cutting out in the middle of a note. Add to this the flashing red light on the microphone and receiver (meaning a loss of connection), then we have pad-misses in the mix too! :D I'll need others to test them out first, but right now it doesn't look like I'll be sending many Gs back to Sony! Taken by me.

wireless game adapter
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