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Weather Channel Wireless Station

weather channel wireless station
    weather channel
  • Weather Channel is a 24 hour interactive channel with updated New Zealand weather information operated by MetService and broadcast on channel 098 on SKY TV.
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
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This is notable simply because it's the coldest temperature recorded in this city in about four years...back during the winter of 2004 we dipped below zero I believe, but 3 is pretty close. Single digits are pretty rare in these parts, for sure. Also, I complain about the temperature of my room for good reason: I had my window open for over an hour before this photo was taken. The indoor temperature you see here was about a degree lower than before I opened the window. And it was 3 degrees outside. There is a God. And he knows I like the cold. And he's keeping it from me.
P365 - 022307
P365 - 022307
My friends know my strange addiction to The Weather Channel. Can't help it. I get it naturally as my folks are addicted as well. So, I do love my little Eddie Bauer weather station with its wireless remote device that sits outside on the deck and sends me its info tirelessly (when the batteries are good). So, I can get up, see the time and date as well as current inside/outside temp and a forecast for the day. Awesome!!

weather channel wireless station
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