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Guys Winter Fashion

guys winter fashion
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guys winter fashion - Cutting Hair
Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way, Revised Edition
Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way, Revised Edition
This comprehensive manual marks an important milestone in the Vidal Sassoon success story. For the first time the man who is the acknowledged master in the world of haircutting and hair care reveals in book form the secrets of the techniques that have made him famous all over the world.

'Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way' will teach you, step-by-step, how the main basic and advanced haircuts are achieved. It is backed by many photographs which actively demonstrate how to improve your technique and perform the perfect cut.

explains exactly how the main basic and most important haircuts are done step by step
extensive use of photographs

87% (13)
Not my best portrait, in fact it took me nearly a hour to salvage... :( but emotionless nonetheless.. Recently had some minor neck surgery :( today was my first official day out and I went shopping. Bought that new jacket. Decided to photoshop this portrait to reflect my sickly condition and the winter weather......... Hope it all gets better soon.. Oh... and I grew out my hair, hopefully it looks as good as my short medium hairstyle... Strobist: to the left, Nikon SB800, westcott 42"
Hello Big Guy, come here often?
Hello Big Guy, come here often?
Photographer/Model - KymSara Rayna Wearing – Ginger from Ivalde's 1930 Collection Skin – April by LAQ Hair – Elizabeth by Jolie Femme Jewelry - Waltz of he Snowflakes by Frippery

guys winter fashion
guys winter fashion
Irresistible Knits: Sweaters for Men, Women, and Teens
Find a perfect fit for you, your partner, and your teens in this collection of classic to contemporary sweaters for adults and teenagers! Choose from more than 25 seasonal patterns in an array of beautiful colors and styles that suit the size range--and the fashion sense--of your family.
Easy to advanced projects spotlight a rainbow of colors, a range of stitches, and a variety of designs that take you through autumn, winter, and spring. From a chic cropped sweater for girls that transforms into a long, tailored version for women to beautiful Nordic-style pullovers for both men and boys, you'll find all the inspiration you need to showcase individual style.
· More than 25 gorgeous projects feature complementary--but not identical--designs for men, women, and teenagers, with teen patterns given in hard-to-find sizes
· Choose from boldly styled sweaters for teens, plus richly textured cables, delicate floral patterns, and colorful intarsia knits in traditional shapes for adults
· Teen patterns focus on fresh colors, fitted shapes, and simplified knitting techniques that will inspire young adults who want to learn how to knit
Let this unique blend of classic-to-contemporary designs inspire you to pick up your needles and make a special sweater for yourself and your family!

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