Design a Colony

Task: You are applying to the King of England for a charter to start a 14th colony in America.  You will plan, design and create a colony compared to the original 13 colonies.  Each group will explain why they choose the location and items that will be brought into your colony based on previous knowledge of the 13 colonies.  You MUST provide the King with the following information in order to win his approval.  You will present this in front of the class to gain the King's approval (Mr. Rohrer). 
 Add a 14th colony to America!!!!!
British Colonies in America. Accessed 17 Oct. 2018.
Mastery Objective of this pathfinder:  You will be able to search online databases and credible websites to find information to apply to the Design a Colony project.  Navigate the resources included in this pathfinder and be sure to ask the media specialists for help in locating information for your colony.
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