Endangered Species

In Danger of Extinction: Many military bases use the desert as a practice area and people drive off-road vehicles killing the wildlife and crushing baby desert tortoises. The population dropped 90% since 1980, just in the Mojave Desert. The desert tortoises were considered "threatened" species in the California state Endangered Species Act in 1989 and the federal Endangered Species Act in 1990. Disease is also a big factor in the decline of desert tortoise population. A disease called Upper Respiratory Tract Disease. If an ill tortoise leaves scat and another eats it, that tortoise is now affected with the disease. Population goes down hill when the habitat of these animals are destroyed also. Vandalism is another problem. When vandalizing ones area there becomes less of it because it can't survive without it's everyday things. 


                                                                              Desert tortoises. Adult and baby.

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