NSCC NLCC Registration Process and Guidance

Contact LTJG Darrin Sanchez, cell: 909-263-6820 email: desertstormdivision@gmail.com

After a brief interview with the prospective cadet and his/her parents you will be directed to

Download and print the registration form “NSCADM001”            



·         Pages 1 and 2 – This is the application. Please fill it out complete. We will need the cadets full social security number as well as their grade point average to process the registration.

·         Pages 3 and 4 –Report of Medical History – This is for the parents to fill out. This is to let us know if there is anything such as allergies etc. that we should be concerned about.

·         Pages 5 and 6 – Medical Exam – This should be completed by your cadet’s physician. Make sure it is signed by the Dr.

·         Pages 7 and 8 – Medical History Supplemental – This form ONLY needs to be filled out if your cadet will need to take medication during a drill or training evolution. This form must also be signed by the Dr. if prescription medication is listed.

·         Pages 9 and 10 – Request for Accommodation – This form will need to be filled out if your cadet has a physical disability. We would need to sit down and discuss a way to alter an event better accommodate him/her.

·         Page 11 – Parental Support Agreement – As a parent you can join our rank as Officer Staff. In order to do you can contact me to discuss the procedure. You can also volunteer is auxiliary tasks. All adults will need to be registered. This is a $20 per year fee to help cover the cost of background checks.


Once the application packet has been completed, LTJG Darrin Sanchez will accept the registration fee of $265.00(credit card) or $260.00(check/cash). Note that this is for the initial registration only. On the anniversary of the registration date the renewal fee will be $165.00.




Training's are offered during summer and winter breaks. Costs may vary depending on the training. Training's are a requirement for NSCC Cadet Promotions. Training's for NLCC cadets are optional. The list of available training's usually comes out two months prior to summer/winter.

Parent Handbook


Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/desertstormseacadets/course-work for information regarding coursework. If you have any question please contact out Training Officer LT Angelo at cell: 951-663-1406 email: desertstorm1@verizon.net