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Area Attractions

Apache Junction Overview

Apache Junction is located about 35 miles east of Phoenix, adjacent to Mesa along Interstate 60. It is the eastern-most town within the Greater Phoenix Metro area and gateway to  the Superstition Mountain and its Wilderness Area.

It is home to the Lost Dutchman State Park and the legend of the lost goldmine which attracts adventurous wealth-  seekers looking for hidden riches. Apache Junction is also the starting point of one of the most scenic drives in Arizona, the Apache Trail Loop.

Golf is a major attraction with several area golf courses within 15 minutes of Desert Sky including, Gold Canyon Resort, Apache Creek Golf Club, Mountain Brook Golf Course, Augusta Ranch Golf Club and the spectacular    Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club.

The Apache Trail Loop
A gorgeously beautiful 200-mile loop of breathtaking scenery that begins in Apache Junction through Goldfield Ghost Town, Lost Dutchman State Park, the Superstition Mountain Preserve. Passes by Canyon Lake along cliff roads by Apache Lake and brilliantly colored desert flora and mountain ranges before reaching Roosevelt Lake. This trip is a must.

Lost Dutchman State Park
The legendary Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has never been discovered. Legend has it that the Dutchman hid vast riches  of gold veins from view and died before telling its location. Many claim he left crude maps with clues. Thousands of adventure seekers have scoured the Superstition Mountains looking for this golden treasure and the Park is the popular starting point. Although no one has ever found the gold, an endless number have discovered the natural beauty and serenity of the Superstition wilderness area. Lost Dutchman State Park is but five miles from Apache Junction              off State Route 88. You’ll love the hiking experience.

Canyon Lake
Scenic and majestic Canyon Lake is but 30 minutes from Apache Junction and offers  boating recreation and fishing within colorful cliffs of the canyon walls.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park
Located at the base of Picktetpost Mountain east of Apache Junction, Arizona brings together the Earth’s widely varied plants amidst trails of Sonoran Desert vegetation and flora. It’s a moving and memorable experience of beauty, majesty and mystery of arid land plants along the towering trees of Queen Creek Canyon and spectacular  southwestern views. The displays and intimate gardens are an inspiring experience.