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The Desert Ratz 4x4 Club of Las Vegas

The May Trip 2016 
3 days of fun in the Az. Strip.

Trip Dates
April 29, 30 & May 1
Fri. Sat. Sun
This year we have two runs planned.
Extreme Run......33's, lockers +
Chicken Run......Stock, Back Country 
Both runs camp at Snap Point.

200 miles off-road
Remote campsite
Leaving from Speedway Exit
April 29, 7:00am
Refuel in Mesquite, Nv. 
Returning to either  Mesquite or St. George on Sunday May 1

The Desert Ratz 4x4 Club is open to all.
We are a family oriented club.
 Our May Trip into the Az. Strip
We had 11 rigs, 15 members
3 days, 220 miles
Snap Point, Grand Gulch Mine

NOTE:      Please look for us on Facebook

We are planning our Thxgivin Trip 
Pre-runs and extra days in the desert :)
What more can you ask for?
Our 2nd Amendment Right
Operation Desert Rat 2009 

Operation Desert Rat 2009



Death Valley Desert Ratz 5th Thanksgiving Run

Welcome to Arizona
Just a little info about us
1. no suit & tie,
too stuffy 
2. no officers, 
law enforcement welcome
 3. no dues,
refer to # 6
4. no trip dues,
 same as above 
 5. no rig restrictions,
means just that, you can own a Jeep or a Bronco or a whatever
6. not for profit club,
taxes are too high
7. no fancy web page,
not that others have not offered, time is short 
8. you are welcome,
to bring your family and friends too, 
you don't even have to live in our area to be a member,
ask Geoff from Cyprus.
Trips we have done in the past, include:
Toroweap, Az.
Copper Mtn Mine, Az.
Grand Gulch Canyon & Mine, Az.
Whitmore Point & Pa's Pocket, Az.
The Savanic Mine & The Staircase & Tassi Ranch
Chloride, Az.
Death Valley's, Echo Canyon, Skidoo, Pleasant Canyon, Barker Ranch, Megal Pass,
The Las Vegas area:
Potato Ridge
Spooky Cabin
Wheeler Pass
Carpenter Canyon
Mormon Wells
Bitter Springs
Delamar & Pioche
Burro Wash
Gold Butte
Apex & the Dunes
      Here's some pics from our adventures 
 Lost Burro Mine Death Valley 
On the way to Copper Mtn Mine, Az.


As we drop into Trail Canyon, heading toward CMM.

Just a bit of snow for this Strip Trip.

More in the future