Southern New England's Premier Psychedelic 1/2 Bluegrasstafarian Classic Roots Rockin Jam Band experience



Jan Goldstein - Bass vocs

Steve Lane Cutler - Guitar vocs

Brad Poulin - Drums,Percussion

Chris Andrews -Drums,percussion

Adam Cote - congas, percussion

Dr. Gary Greenberg  -  keyboards

Doug Chaphe   -   Keyboards,vocs

John Kneeland  -   Guitar,vocs

banjo jeff  

 sometimes....lot'sa guests and friends ....
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"they are a true modular band..and can be any combination from duo to quintet and beyond!" (a guy at a DR3 show)

Desert Rain shows are genuinely fun and performed with a certain warmth , intimacy and confidence that comes with playing for many years (group of surprised and possibly  audibly challenged  elderly citizens)

above are some of the literally ten's of completely 100% unsolicited testimonials the Desert Rain Trio gets daily

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Desert Rain trio shows are chock full of Classic Rock gems to Classic and Modern  and often outlaw  C&W and  a heap of reggae /new grass /  Grateful Dead meets Frank Zappa inspired Jam / Jazz  not  to mention some tasty singer songwriter nuggets & straight avante/weird open ended Phish like  grooves   and  just about everything else ya might run across out there beyond the perimeter , and there bye taking the listener and band members on a shared  musical journey touching on a fair  number of related and unrelated genres and hybridizing a few in the process . in short...
With a shared  and  intense love of the song and the ever present  element of extreme
 ( in the moment ) spontaneity
and a  borderline FREAKISH devotion to make people Dance  ...  Desert Rain Trio is  a  happy dose of good old Americana tinged bluegrasstafarian fun ! 

Go catch a Desert Rain Trio show  you will not be disappointed! 

Desert Rain Is a band that started back in 1987 in a much simpler time and space.... 

It is in that tradition that the Desert Rain Duo, Trio, and Quartet,,,,etc play music
With a fearless love for the song coupled with a strong urge to make people dance
The Band got it’s started playing together  in Thompson CT  With  founding members John Kneeland and Jan Goldstein  over the years there have been many many line ups always  bringing the band a new sound and  different dynamics. Desert Rain takes strong influence  from Johnny Cash ,The Grateful Dead ,Bob Dylan, Talking Heads to Bob Marley  and are particularly fond of  covering blues ,rock ,country,reggae,funk and every genre in between
Desert Rain shows are genuinely fun and performed with a certain warmth , intimacy and confidence that comes with playing for many years. 
This Year marks the 25th anniversary of the band , and currently there are two or three different line ups that make up the  band,  with  the song writing team of Jan Goldstein  on bass/vocs and Stephen cutler  guitar/vocs (Danielson CT) being the 2  constant in both bands . The  Percussion duties  are handled by Brad  Poulin - drums (southbridge MA) and Chris Andrews - drums as well as Adam Cote - conga (both from NE CT) rounding out the two line ups is Harmonica  maestro Warren  “Bee” Bachman and  Dr Gary Greenberg - keys , also long time Rain alumni  Doug Chaphe  on keys/vocs and John Kneeland on Guitar/vocs.
The Line up is  always fun and keeps the music fresh! 
Always exploring new avenues Band leader and co founder Jan Goldstein has created a brand new animated series titled “Out Of the Rain” now in it’s third episode ,it’s enjoying a warm and growing underground internet  following ! You can watch the show by going to (address  questions or comments to rain
The Desert Rain trio is enjoying a wonderful year of music making  and bringing the  party to where they need it the most !  Catch them when you can ! Friend us on Facebook and stay tuned for a upcoming Desert Rain   Anniversary Party /Summer festival announcement!
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please watch OUT OF THE RAIN  the brand new show made by US 





in the Morning Steve likes to do his ritual thang called the morning edition....and it usually happens everyday from around  8:00am est to 10:30am est . It started as time and silence filler in the live music rooms of Paltalk  (because musicians in North America are sleepy at 8 oclock in the frickin mornin hey! usually) ...and has blossomed  ever so slightly into a sort of montage of  paltalk personalities and festive morning  coffee wake n  debate absurdity / tom foolery !It's kind of a  party in your ear  with killer music from every genre (pretty much) and just good old fashioned adult fun and Humor.
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                                   STREAMING DAILY 8am - 10:30am eastern standard time 
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