C. Effects of Lost Productivity on the Economy of Affected Countries

     Decreased agricultural and livestock production threatens to shrink already fragile economies of Sahelian nations.  The majority of the populations in Sahelian countries work in agriculture and livestock herding and these industries account for 40 per cent of the GDP for those countries (qtd in Kandji, 2009).  Past droughts have shown how much the overall economy can be affected by decreases in these sectors.  Chad, one of the world’s poorest countries, experienced a 9 percent negitive growth rate in 1973 bringing per capita GDP to $120 by 1975.  Mali and Niger experienced GDP decreases of 9 and 18 percent respectively during the drought of (qtd in Kandji, 2009).   The outlook for the future is not bright.  One Sahelian country could lose up to 20 per cent of its annual GDP as the result of diminished natural resources according to an unpublished World Bank Study (Dakom, 1998).  These would be signifigant decreases in GDP for any country but for the world’s poorest countries it is even more signifigant.