B. Methods of Increasing Efficency

    Hedgerow systems and stone lines are promising ways to limit run off in fields because they provide a barrier to run off.  The greater the number of stone lines in a plot increases control over runoff, allowing more water infiltration improving yields (Kandji et all 2009).  Stroosnidjer wrote that in Kenya where hedgerow systems were used infiltration increased and run off decreased (2003).  This is evidence that these methods can work to combat and prevent desertification.  Since desertification in the Sahel is essentially continued land degradation these methods should and have helped.

            Another way to mitigate the effects of desertification is through planting trees in and around fields where crops are being grown.  This is what is known as agroforestry. Integrating trees on farms can promote diversified and sustainable crop production, in along with many environmental benefits. Through better microclimate and lower evapotraspiration agroforestry can make agroecosystems more resilient in climate extremes.  Trees can also provide an additional source of income for Sahelian farmers (Kandji et all 2009).  Agro forestry is a practical and simple way to improve productivity in the Sahel.