Desert Brushstrokes is a painting party service in Tucson Arizona.  Instructor Margot Dinardi will come to your location and demonstrate the specific painting you have chosen for the event.  Your guests will paint along, creating their own unique image, step by step. 
All materials are provided and folding tables are available , all you need is the space and one to three hours! Visit the gallery to see the established paintings or suggest one just for your party!

Costs per person, 3 person minimum.
20$ /person for 8 x 10 canvases,
1 hour of instruction,
1 hour set up and clean up
Good size for travelers, fits in luggage.

 40$/person for 16 x 20
2-3 hours of instruction,
1 hour set up and clean up
Larger size good for decorating.

Credit Card Payments available

What is provided:
- 1- 3 hours of instruction
- set up and breakdown
-a canvas for each person
-a canvas handle
-acrylic paint
-assortment of brushes
-water basin
-palette knife
-palette plate
-Folding tables/tent/chairs as needed