a summer in new brunswick

i spent the summer of 2004 in new brunswick

I graduated university in April of 2004 and kind of stumbled into a field research position in north-eastern New Brunswick.

Essentially, I was responsible for installing and maintaining field instruments in a bog--we were doing ecological research.

Given my lack of knowledge of ecology or field research methods, I probably wasn't the best person for the job, but I really appreciated the opportunity and I still value the experience and memories. 

North-eastern New Brunswick is pretty far north, and it seemed cold and windy most of the time (you can see that I am wearing a heavy fleece in this photo--I think it was early July).  However, I still enjoyed getting out into the countryside and exploring whenever I wasn't working. 

This page documents some of the trips I took while I was in New Brunswick. 

climbs to the top of mount carleton (highest in nb)

hike to big bald mountain