pictures I took in saskatchewan

CBK-CBC Building near Watrous, Saskatchewan

I've been to pretty much every town in Saskatchewan.  I don't just mean Prince Albert and Regina...from Porcupine Plain to Eastend, I've been to every town with more than 100 people.

I'm from Ontario, which is not particularly history-rich, in European terms, anyways.

But Saskatchewan is interesting because the entire place seems to have been built during the early 1900s.

This is the CBK-CBC building near Watrous Saskatchewan.

You can read more about it here


An interesting product of this half century of rapid infrastructure development is that a lot of public buildings have a 1930s art deco aspect to them.

 windblown landscape 

There are still some people alive in Saskatchewan who were alive before it was a province.

I've spent about 3 weeks of my life in SK, but the first photos I took were here. 

My rental car was desperately close to being out of gas, which is a perpetual problem in that empty province.  I think it was outside of PA, but my memory is a little fuzzy.

There was no fence and a complete lack of "No Trespassing" signs.  I walked up and explored for a bit. 


After a while the property maintainer came by and we chatted for a bit.  He said he was born in 1927, and the log cabin was old even then.


 He said that up until a few years ago, this cabin was still standing, but then the "wind got into it".

He said his sister lived in the house-like structure (background, left) until a couple of years ago. 

I thanked him for being a farmer.





The log cabin still had some old shoes in it.  Very cool.  Saskatchewan is full of these old, windblown buildings.  No sod homes though.









There was an old stove in the house.  If this were Ontario, someone would have stolen the stove and sold it to exurbanite yuppies in Caledon by now.















I think I took this picture somewhere between Maple Creek and Eastend, on the edge of the Cypress Hills.  The colour and arrangement of the tractors caught my eye.  I like the picture, but I feel like I was just trying to "copy" the picture a real photographer would take.  I wonder if the tractors are the evidence of someone's proud personal collection.