la cloche silhouette trail -- late summer 2005

I backpacked this trail with some friends in 2005.  It took us 6 days, at the end of August into the begining of September.  Some days were long, and some were really short. 

I would like to go back and hike the trail again in a "lighter, faster" fashion for a different experience.

I'd also like to do more open ridge treking, but I'm not sure how the Parks people would feel about that.


Photos taken by Smitty.

The area is famous for its white quartzite rock, although there are many other free and less populated areas with very similar rock formations in Ontario.

Nevertheless, the views are excellent...probably the best collection of views in Ontario.







Benchmarks, survey monuments, horizontal control points, whatever...I love them.  This one is on Three Narrows Lake.

We stayed at the following sites: 

H52, H38, H33, H19, H7.

There were all pretty nice, but Little Mountain Lake (H33) and Topaz (H7) were spectacular.  I also went for a swim in Little Superior Lake, which would be a delightful place to camp.



I phoned the reservation line the moment the reservation period started (literally--at 7am!) and I wasn't able to get many of the sites I wanted.  This may have been because we hiked the trail counter-clockwise (most hike it clockwise, thus their reservation period opened a few days earlier, given their earlier departure date).

Some of the campsites have open ridges nearby that are perfect for an after-dinner scramble.  The photo to the left shows a smallish hill (with a good view from the top) at Wagon Road Lake.

 We stuck to our planned route/reserved campsites, but most of the people we met on the trail took a more relaxed approach, indicating they would stop when they tired.

There are some boring "green tunnel" sections on this trail, but much is interesting, with good views.  Occasionally, there is some challenging terrain.  This photo to the left shows part of "The Crack".

Part of my group hiked up to the top of Silver Peak as a side trip, which was enjoyable.  There were good views of G-bay to the south, and we could see the super stacks of INCO to the north.  Cool. 

There used to be a fire watch tower at the top of Silver Peak.  It appears that one of the watchmen has left his name inscribed at the top.  Stuff like that fascinates me.  I'd like to know more about him.

 In all, it is a nice trip, and a nice place, but I feel like the place is a little over-hyped.  The views are good, but they aren't mind-blisteringly good.  The trail is hard, but it isn't vomit-inducing hard. 

But the fish and chips in Killarney?  Go ahead and buy into the hype--they are superb.