canadian provincial high points

i've hiked to the highest points in some canadian provinces

Highest Point in Ontario:  A history of imprecise meaurements

As I have said in other parts of this site, I have a fascination with random or esoteric goals or projects. 

One such project is knowing where the highest point in each Canadian province and territory is...and visiting some of them. 

This interest started mainly when I read "Not Won In a Day" by Jack Bennett.  It's about a guy who visits all of these so called "summits".  Some of the trips sound very challenging and would require a set of skills I lack.  But they all sound somewhat interesting and quirky.

I don't plan to go to all, or even most of these provincial highpoints, but some people seem almost fanatical about this hobby.  There is a group called the Highpointers Club--many of the people there seem to plan their vacation (perhaps even their life) around "highpointing".

I've stumbled across the websites of Ken Takabe and the delightfully-named Johnathan Ampersand Esper, both of whom plan to climb all of the Canadian high points.

This whole goal/list setting thing can begin to strain credulity.  There are, for example, people who find the highest point in each county in their state.  To me, this doesn't sound particularly exciting or challenging in a place like Ohio.  But I guess it's something to do.

Anyways, I've been to the following Canadian high points:

Mount Carleton, the highest point in New Brusnwick

Baldy Mountain, the highest point in Maitoba

Ishpatina Ridge, the highest point in Ontario

Un-named point, the highest point in Prince Edward Island

White Hill, the highest point in Nova Scotia