un-named point, pei

a trip to the highest point in Prince Edward Island

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The highest point of land in Prince Edward Island (PEI) is easy to get to...sort of.

The first problem is figuring out exactly what it is called.  To some, it is simply "the un-named point".  Others refer to it as Glen Valley or Springton, which are local geographical names, but don't refer to the point itself.  I've also heard that the area is called the Bonshaw Hills. 

The second problem is figuring out where exactly this highpoint is.  There are a variety of similar but different coordinates posted on the web.  Also, one probably can't rely on the NTS topographic maps of the area--they appear inexact.  Finally, there a number or reports that there is a benchmark identifying the true location of the highest point.  Who exactly performed the survey has not been identified, to my knowledge, and no statements to its accuracy have been made.

Regardless of these minor questions, it is possible to drive to within 500m of the high point, along pretty good roads.  If one is following the topo map or some internet resources, the highest point is close to the road, on the edge of the farm field.  I spent some time wandering around the edges of the farm field.

However, some others have suggested that the location is off into the woods which border the field.  Included in this group are Jack Bennett and J.A. Esper.  In fact, Esper actually documents his visit to a benchmark marking what may be the highest point. 

I eventually wandered over to this benchmark, after a brief search.  The benchmark is a mailbox on a metal stake.  Inside the mailbox is a log book signed by one or two dozen visitors from all over North America.  Strange.  I took photos.

So where is the true highest point?  I have no idea.  And since the highest point isn't particularly obvious or challenging, it doesn't really matter to me.   

I recorded two waypoints in my GPS that day.  If you are following along at home, perhaps these will be of some use to you:

PEI Highpoint:  UTM 20 467684E 5130724N

PEI Trailhead:  UTM 20 467679E 5131045N