bruce trail, ontario

section hiking the bruce trail, end to end

The Bruce Trail is about 800km, running from Niagara (well, Queenston, actually) to Tobermory.  It follows the Niagara Escarpment, the most dramatic geologic feature in Ontario.

In 2003, I was seriously planning to thru-hike this trail from end to end when I graduated university.  But then I decided that I would rather have financial stability...I got a job.

Besides, if I was planning to do a 5 week hike, there are definitely better places to go than the Bruce Trail.  The at-times-suburban-setting often makes it feels like you are walking someone's backyard.

I've hiked lots of sections of the Bruce Trail, but on this project, I'm only hiking the sections in order, starting each hike where I ended the last.