An empirical study by R. Scandariato (KU Leuven), K. Wuyts (KU Leuven), W. Joosen (KU Leuven)

This page provides additional resources that enable replication of our work published in Requirements Engineering.

Documentation of the digital publishing system

All students started from the same initial architecture of a digital publishing system. The documentation of the system is available for download.


The experiment was executed as part of the project of a software architecture course. Here, you can find the assignment of this part of the project.

Course material

The students were presented these slides on STRIDE in the context of the course lectures. STRIDE has been illustrated with an example.

Raw data

The measurements for the time, DFD size, and threats in CSV format.
The answers to the questionnaire perceived difficulty in CSV.

All data has been anonymized.


More introductory information about the STRIDE is available in this article. A complete description can be found in this book.