Large Scale Movie Description Challenge (LSMDC) 2019

Abby gets in the basket.

Mike leans over and sees how high they are.

Abby clasps her hands around his face and kisses him passionately.




  • We have organized a Workshop at ICCV 2017, including LSMDC 2017 and MovieQA challenges, see a nice coverage in the ICCV special edition of RSIP Vision publication here.
  • Here is an updated version of our LSMDC article, now also including LSMDC 2016 Movie Description.


  • The new article here presents the Movie Fill-In-the-Blank track of LSMDC 2016.
  • Here is a new article presenting the Movie Annotation and Retrieval tracks of LSMDC 2016.
  • We have organized a second edition of our challenge, LSMDC 2016. The challenge was presented at the "Joint 2nd Workshop on Storytelling with Images and Videos (VisStory) and Large Scale Movie Description and Understanding Challenge (LSMDC 2016)" in conjunction with ECCV 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. See details here.


  • We have presented the LSMDC 2015 dataset in the following preprint article.
  • We have organized a workshop "Describing and Understanding Video & The Large Scale Movie Description Challenge (LSMDC), in conjunction with ICCV 2015, Santiago, Chile. Information about workshop participants and invited speakers can be found here. The details about LSMDC 2015 challenge can be found here.


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