The Decision Psychology Lab at the University of Oklahoma is directed by Dr. Edward Cokely. We specialize in the psychology of skilled decision making and user-friendly decision support.


Evans Hall  |  University of Oklahoma   


Assessment and Prediction
Abilities, Biases, Cognition, Ethics, Personality, Risk, Metacognition, Psychometrics, Behavioral Analytics

Informed Decision Making
Risk Communication, Decision Analysis, Decision aids and Support, Shared Decision Making, Transparency

User-Friendly Technology
User Experience (UX), Adaptive Training, Personalization, Inclusion, Human-Computer Interaction, e-Health

Simple & Effective Visual Aids | Garcia-Retamero & Cokely, 2013


Current Directions in Psychological Science

Health Psychology

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 

Judgment and 
Decision Making

Medical Decision Making

The American Journal of Sports Medicine

Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression

International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Current HIV Research

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied