Job Postings and Schedule of Recruitment Events

Click on the job title below to view the expanded job posting, including responsibilities, qualifications, and location of recruitment events. All recruitment events are held at Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation service centers, with locations listed here
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If you have questions about a specific job posting, you should attend the recruitment event and ask the account manager in charge any questions you may have.
When you show up to the recruitment event, you should check in with the front desk and they will direct you to the proper location. You must tell the person at the front desk which recruitment event you are planning to attend.
All applicants are required to bring a valid (non-expired) photo ID/Driver's License, Social Security card, and two (2) copies of their resume. All applicants must wear proper professional interview attire (no jeans or gym shoes). No admittance is allowed after the start time. Capacity is limited.