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Descendre was formed in 2008 with the fortuitous gathering together of diverse musical forces. We seek to create and perform original music that represents a modern interpretation of the kind of music you may have heard on film soundtracks from the 1970's yet creating very modern musical landscapes, mysterious atmospheres, and a wide dynamic of altitudes. Our primary is "impact within music". Projecting a communication through music that can bring the listener into the essence of the creative spirit. 

Descendre is...
Adam Smith 

The founder and primary creative force behind Descendre, Adam is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and composer for more than 25 years in a variety of genres including jazz, electro-acoustic, avant garde, r&b,  progressive rock, as well as TV and film soundtrack production. Adam possesses incredibly fine-tuned musical and performance senses and uses them to great effect, fully engaging the audience in the performance.
Adam's ability to set up each of Descendre's members with versatile and dynamic compositions, electrifying improvisations, and concert style performance, set the stage for Descendre's musical journeys and the listeners who witness it. After spending many years developing his skills with music production, musique concrete and modular synthesizers, his awareness of how psycho-acoustics affect a listener became an important module in his definitive sound-vision. 

Adam has recorded, performed, and/or toured extensively in the USA & Europe with many creative forces... 
German avant-garde pianist Simone Weißenfels. Adam and Simone create "instant composition" and fuse their love of free jazz and avant classical in their duo. They released their album "Arrival" in Europe and USA with high regard and two extensive tours in both continents.
Cecil Taylor's master free-jazz Saxophonist, Elliot Levin.  Many of Europe's finest avant-garde free-jazz improvisers such as Gutner Heinz, Manfred Hering, Werner Nuemann, Bert Stephan, Andreas Scotty Bottcher, Ingeborg Freytag, Florian Wienczny, and has been sampled by German  pro folk/pop group A Forest.

In the USA he has worked with azz violin virtuoso Christian Howes w/ Drummer Reggie Jackson and Organist Bobby Floyd. He currently records and tours with  free-jazz group Wizards featuring Pianist Gerard Cox, Multi instrumentalist Anthony Jacobs, and 2nd generation free-jazz Saxophonist Hasan Abdur-Razzaq. Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist and Composer Colin Martin and his Good Instrument Friends ensemble. A Trio of jazz Trombonist Evan Oberla & Hasan Abdur-Razzaq. Composer/Keyboardist Scott Steelman. Detroit Northwood Improvisers Ensemble Reedsman Michael Carey.  Adam guests with such bands as Eye, Playhouse, Liquid Crystal Experiment, R&B vocalists Renee Dion & Tia Harris-Roseboro, Nova Madrugada, and many many others..
Adam is also the founder of the highly regarded progressive metal trio Deadsea with whom he has recorded 3 albums and toured extensivly over the last decade.

Adam performs live stereo and quadraphonic solo concerts for prepared 8-track tapes & synthesizers, teaming up with visual installation artists Kevin VanScoder & Stacie Sells. He has produced & recorded many special artists ranging in a multitude of styles and directions, focusing on bringing out the best performances on each artist and capturing that sound on record in total calibration with each artists vision.

All of this is fused and funneled into the ever-unfolding music and atmosphere of Descendre.
The studio techniques he uses to bring from  the stage to his recordings. As well as bring the epic essence of the classic album adventure to the live stage.

Justin Campbell 

Justin Campbell is a seasoned and talented drummer, percussionist, and arranger with a high level of ability for jazz-fsuion, funk, latin, afro-cuban, r&b, and progressive rock. Justin possesses an incredibly insightful ear and improvisational skills. His signature smile as well as his communication with the listeners and musicians during live performances brings a special element of energy and honesty to every performance.  Justin summons a truly special and elevated energy to the stage and backs that up with a a vast palette of percussive and arrangement skills. In the studio, Justin pays attention to detail as well as always capturing the energy of the moment. Justin is a great example of someone who continues to redefine "impact within music". Regardless of style or direction.
Justin also performs with and several other musical acts throughout the Midwest in an truly extensive variety of music.

 Jim Tussing 

Jim Tussing is a bassist, multi-instrumnetalist, vocalist and composer with over 20 years of musical performance and compositional experience.  From roots developed in groove-oriented funk, jazz, classical, pop and progressive rock, Jim's musical range and ability truly knows no boundaries. Jim possesses a special balance to handle and facilitate a multitude of jobs on stage and in the studio. Jim's genuine and positive energy makes him a quiet storm in Descendre. Truly Dynamic, Jim is the backbone of the ensemble. Jim brings "all the right things" to the  framework of each piece. Examples of his compositional spirit can be found in Descendre pieces like
Sidewalk Candy.

 Stan Smith 

Stan Smith is a master Jazz, Classical, & multi-genre guitarist, composer, arranger, and music professor who possess an extensive and impressive career all his own.  Stan is an associate professor of music in the Conservatory of Music at Capitol University in Columbus Ohio where he has been the head of jazz/contemporary guitar curriculum since 1978. Stan also conducts many workshops & clinics throughout the USA.
Stan has released many recordings under his own name on the Cojazz label. "Pathways" & "Silent Memory" a guitar duo album "Bycycle" w/ Progressive Jazz guitarist & composer Paul Brown to name a few...

Stan's book "
Jazz harmony on the guitar; a linear/structural approach" is published by Hal Leonard. He has received many fellowship rewards from the Ohio Arts Council and Greater Columbus Arts Council. His compositions have been performed internationally as well as recorded by the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, which he is a member of, Spectrum, Afro Rican Ensemble, and Nova Madrugada. 

Stan has performed and/or recorded with:  Moacir Santos, Ali Ryerson, Leon "Ndugu" Chancler, David Amram, Mark Vinci, David Ornette Cherry, Ralph "Buzzy" Jones, Alex Acuna, Molly Winters, and many many more...

In Descendre, Stan brings a vast and balanced landscape of musical culture to the group. Providing stellar improvisational performances, Electric, Acoustic, as well as Guitar synthesizer arrangements to existing Descendre pieces, as well as unique and progressive composition contributions all supported by his infinite sense of musicality, superior soloing skills and rich musical legacy into the mix. 
Stan also brings to the stage and studio a wonderful spirit and special vibe that has immensely broadened the horizons of the group.


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                                                                                                                                                            Justin Campbell - Drums & Percussion 
                                                                                                                                                              Jim Tussing -  Basses, Mellotron, Synthesizers, Voices, Tapes

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