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This section has been added March 19th, 2014

    Dert's Technology Service originated from a young man's ambitious power point presentation of a high school freshman detailing how to modify a psp to run custom firmware for legal purposes such as utilizing emulators. Soon after it seemed every one in the school was coming up to Dert and requesting him to modify their psps. Through Dert's time at this high school he modified a little over 100 psps and has more than 6 years of experience doing so.

    In addition, to Dert's modification business he also worked as a Voluntary Security Analyst for the Val Verde School District and is directly responsible for discovering and responsibly disclosing several network security flaws.
  • 2009: discovered security flaw allowing administration privileges to be accessed on the local host through the utilization of a sticky keys vulnerability which was exploited through a Ubuntu live CD
  • 2012: discovered security flaw which bypassed user permissions giving read/write access to staff and student document files through the implementation of the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Excels hyper-linking protocol
  • 2013: discovered a similarly related permissions error allowing access to resources located on the schools web server
  • 2013: discovered plausible remote denial of service attack against web server able to be carried out using tor onion network and web based lowc
    Dert may have graduated from high school, but he continues to maintain his technological business ventures and as such has expanded his services to cover several other various devices and areas of technology.


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