Photo Gallery-Weidenhammers


John Jacob-III & Elizabeth (nee Glenn) Weidenhamer

Elizabeth Glenn Weidenhamer
(at about 60 years old)

John J. Weidenhamer - III
(at about 60 years old)

3 daughters of Elizabeth Glenn &
John Jacob Weidenhamer-III,
Cora, Frances & Elizabeth

Frances Fredericka (neeWeidenhamer)
& husband, James Jagger

James Jagger (about 60 years old?)

Benjamin Aaron & his wife Elizabeth Hardyman
(Uncle & Aunt of James Jagger)

Fredericka Christena (neeWeidenhamer) Derry,
sister of John Jacob-III

Elizabeth (nee Lindenmoyer) Weidenhamer
Mother of Fredericka Christena
and John Jacob- III

The Muffley's - Christmas 2000.
Back row from left:
Our son Kirk. His wife Michelle. Melissa Poe, friend of our daughter. Our daughter Lara.
Middle row:
Anne. Me (Gary).
Front row:
Moria (Kirk's daughter). Justin (Michelle's son).

Bert Muffley

Bert & Edna at Mt. Rushmore

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