Photo Gallery-Derrys


Barbara Rosanna
Derry Gates


Gates Homestead
of Recent years

Cindy Volpe Varlotta,
Kathy Volpe Sawyer,
Nora "Peg" Wilson Volpe,

Kathy nee Volpe & David Sawyer

Sophia Hartman-m.
Henry Methiah Roderick

From left to right:
Welty Miller, Effie Miller Wilson,
Cora Miller Byerly, Cora's husband-
Walter Byerly, Frederick Miller,
Airy Miller Wilson,
far right is Amidee Miller.

Christian Church, Haydentown

Warren Emme's House
Next to Christian Church

The old Emme Corner Store
Now Warren Emme's garage

Ron and Joan Brown-Derry
Photo Courtesy: Joan Brown Derry

Fred Martin & Norma Mary Derry
Taken 2003
Photo Courtesy: Joan Brown Derry

Bazil Derry's hunting rifle (Top) with powder horn and ammo bag. Civil War era rifle (Bottom)

The old rattlesnake Cabin
Could "Old Moll" have lived here?

Bazil Derry
A Photo Book by Jack Gates
A Northern Appalachian
Mountain Man
About 1895


I wanted to see if the facial features matched. I believe they do. You be the judge.

EMME Coat of Arms, courtesy
Bernard Mayhle
Basil and Fredericka Christena Derry
Taken c. 1880?
Photo Courtesy: Marilyn McLaughlin

Photo Courtesy: Marilyn McLaughlin

Standing: David Delbert & Margaret (maggie) Cleora
Standing Center: Mary Louella
Seated: James Harvey & Matilda Elsie
Photo taken c1900?
Information and photo's
Courtesy of Marilyn McLaughlin

Charles Edward Derry
Photo Courtesy: Sandra Dragivich, a G-Granddaughter of Charles.)

Lilly & Pansy Derry
Photo Courtesy: Sandra Dragivich

James Franklin Derry-1936

James Franklin & Alice Mae nee Rexroat Derry

James Franklin &
Alice Mae
nee Rexroat Derry

James Franklin, and daughters, Dorothy(L) and Ethel Rexroat Derry(R) 1925

James Franklin Derry
In Macomb, Illinois January 8, 1921

James Franklin Derry and Alice Mae Rexroat (R),
and in-laws Frederick Hoppert and Frieda Kirchberg (L) - circa - 1920

Clarence Park Derry
Fort Riley, Kansas- 1918

Gerald F. Derry Sr. & Gerald F. Derry II. This was the last photo taken of Gerald F. Derry Sr. before he died later that year in 1962.

G. F. -II, Irma Mae nee Domm,
& Gerald Francis Derry Sr.

James (left) & Frank in Seneca, IL
circa - 1952

James William (L), and Gerald F.-II (R)
Taken summer of 1962, the year dad died.

D. Doc Derry.

Irma Mae nee Domm Derry

Irma Mae nee Domm Derry,
D. Doc Derry

D. Doc Derry

Dawna Kristene Derry

Deven Alyn (Derry) Frazee
Taken in 1996

Dawna Kristene Derry

Joshua Abel Derry

Joshua, Eliu and Ana

Aspasia G.,
daughter of Joshua & Ana

G. F. -II & Beverly
nee Rogers-Hogue Derry

Frank & TJ Hogue (Bev's Dad)

James William Derry

Granville R. Rexroat

(Standing 2nd from the left in the rear is
Alice Mae)
Granville R. Rexroat Family
circa 1890

Jacob Deary
Photo Courtesy: Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lee,
Boise, ID

Mary Jane Mahoney- Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Jacob Deary (left) and partners,
J.C. McLafferty and Dan Conners
Photo Courtesy: Mr. & Mrs. Bob Lee, Boise, ID

Philip Basil Deary
Son of Jacob Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Matthew Deary, Kuna, ID

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Basil Deary
(50th Wedding Anniversary)

John "Jack" Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Irene Swisher-Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

John Deary with 5 children Matt, Lois, Dorothy, John jr. & Cecilla
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

This is the most recent picture of John (jack) Deary's 5 Children.
Cecilla, John Jr, Matt, Dorothy & Lois, I have more where these come from.
Lynda Deary

Cynthia Deary-Shea
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

 Obit. for Cynthia Deary-Shea
Courtesy: Lynda Deary

William Shea & Philip Basil "Bas" Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Matthew & Dorthea
wedding day
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Michael Deary
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Cecilla Mcglaughlin at Jacob Dearys' grave site.
Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary

Note from Lynda Deary: Here is another picture for you; I have a few more I think you'd like. To the left is Chris's sister Patricia Deary, then my husband Chris Deary, then His Aunt Rita Deary, and her sister Harriet West (Deary) with husband Allen West. Both of these ladies are daughters to Mathew Deary, my husbands Grandfather.
Doc's side note: Chris Deary, g-g-grandson of
Jacob Deary- son of Philip Derry, who was the brother of Basil Derry, my g-grandfather.

Photo Courtesy:
Lynda Deary


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