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James McCann Derry, b. 5 May 1835. d. 18 January 1923. A son of Jacob & Rachel Derry & youngest brother of Philip-1817 & Basil-1820. He married MARY ELIZABETH CRAMNER.


Married 18 May 1856 by William Hapgood, J.P.


Child of James & Mary Elizabeth:

WILLIAM B. DARY (Darry, Derry) b.1865 d.1944. Married ELIZABETH DARY (1867-1941)

(Special Note: James McCann Derry, was appointed  “conservator/correspondent”  for his older sister, Rhoda, at the time she was committed to Bartonville).

Civil War Pension Papers for JAMES McCANN DERRY, the youngest brother of BASIL DERRY (1820-1899), and son of JACOB and RACHEL. I will list an overview of the contents as follows:

21 November 1890

JAMES DARRY, 53 years, resident of the town of Durham, Lewis Co., MO.,
enrolled 15 February 1865, Co. H, 43rd Illinois Infantry. Served at least 90 days and discharged 30 November 1865 at Little Rock, Arkansas. Unable to earn a support by reason of aralysis and kidney diseasse. Desires to be examined at Quincy, Illinois.

Lewis Co., MO, April 5, 1892

JAMES DARY, claimant for pension #966002
states that he physically developed neuritis 18 years ago, and heart trouble and nervousness 2 years 9 months ago in the harvest field. These conditions are of a permanent character and not due to vicious habits.

Philadelphia, MO, May 13, 1905

JAMES DARRY to the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D.C.
Letter stating that the family record kept by my father was, at his death about 1875-76 (sic- Jacob Derry died in 1877), left with my oldest sister, at whose residence he died at the age of 86 years. My sister also died about 1893. Her son, who lives on the old home place of his mother, says he cannot find the said family record. Now my only means of knowing my age is my recollection of what my father and mother taught me as I grew up, that I was born in 1835 on May 5th. My P.O. address is Philadelphia, MO.

James' Father's headstone in

LaGrange, Lewis County, MO


Adams Co., Illinois, June 2, 1910

JAMES DARRY, age 75, living at 601 Jefferson Street, Quincy, Illinois.
The book of my father I now have in my possession. The record was made by my father and given to my wife to be kept for the benefit of the family. It gives the dates of birth of all my brothers and sisters. It gives the date of my birth as 5 May 1831, but I have always understood that I was born in 1835. My brothers and sisters are all dead. My parents names were JACOB and RACHEL DARRY ~ sometimes DERY. In 1850 I lived with my parents near Lima, Lima Twp., Adams Co., Illinois. In 1860 I lived west of LaGrange, MO (Lewis Co.), in Highland Township, I think.

Quincy, Illinois, June 2, 1910

JAMES DARRY, Co. H, 43rd Illinois Infantry Volunteers.
I have known him for about 40 years and know him to be honest, industrious and truthful. I have seen the family record of the births and marriages of his father's family which state that his father JACOB was born in 1795 and his mother RACHEL was born in 1798. They were married in 1815. Among the births of their children, JAMES McCANN DERY, the 5th son, was born 5 May 1831. The record is made in ink in a small very old blank book with leather covers and tuck. I would say in my judgment the book is 75 years old. The writing also shows that it has been done many years ago and the letters are old style. I do not think that the authenticity of the record can be questioned. I also find the name DARRY spelled DERY. I believe that the soldier's statement about his age is correct. S. M. Mann, Notary Public.

November 22, 1921

JAMES DARRY, 87 years of age and a resident of the S & S Home, Quincy, Illinois in Cottage 12.
He is 5' 10" tall, complexion fair, grey eyes, brown hair. He was born in Indiana on 5 May 1837. Requires personal aid and attendance of another due to nervous prostration, heart trouble and general breakdown.

Adams Co., Illinois. DEATH CERTIFICATE

Died: 18 January 1923 at 822 Olive Street, 1 Ward, Quincy, Illinois.
male, white, married, age 87 years 8 mos 13 days
Cooper ~ born 5 May 1835 in Indiana. Died of valvular heart trouble treated for 1 year 5 mos and dropsy
Informant: WILLIAM DARRY of 822 Olive Street, Quincy, Illinois
Buried: Illinois S & S Home on 20 January 1923
Undertaker: A. F. Stormer, Quincy, Illinois.

Adams Co., Illinois, January 22, 1923

In the matter of MARY E. DARRY, widow of JAMES DARRY, apeared James D. Marks, Adjt, age 68 years, a resident of the Illinois S & S Home, Quincy, Adams Co., Ill., that the records of the Illinois S & S Home (Soldiers & Sailors) show that JAMES DARRY, Co. H., 43rd, Illinois, and his wife, MARY E. DARRY, June 30, 1915 and lived as man and wife until his death 18 January 1923.

January 22, 1923

MARY E. DARRY, 85 years old, born 18 May 1835 at Little Rock, Arkansas, widow of JAMES DARRY, who enlisted 15 February 1865 at Quincy, Illinois as a private in Co. H, 43rd, Illinois Vol. Inft. and discharged at Little Rock, Arkansas on 30 November 1865. Married under the name of MARY E. CRAMNER at LaGrange, MO by William Hapgood, J.P. on 18 May 1856.

Adams Co., Illinois, April 5, 1923

In the matter of MARY E. DARRY, widow of JAMES DARRY, Co. H., 43rd, Illinois, appeared Adam Hild, age 79, of 308 N. 4th Street, Quincy, Illinois. He has known them for 40 years. They were members of the Illinois S & S Home and he a member of the John Wood Post G.A.R.

Adams Co., Illinois, April 6, 1923

In the matter of MARY E. DARRY, widow of JAMES DARY, Co. H, 43rd, Illinois Inf. Vol., appeared Henry G. Smith, age 82 years of 233 Maple Street, Quincy, Illinois. He was acquainted with JAMES DARRY and MARY E. DARRY, his wife for the last 35 years. They lived together and were never divorced until his death. He was a member of the John Wood Post and attended G.A.R. post meetings until his health failed.

~ Special notes from Joan Brown Derry ~

"I received some papers in the mail that shows BASIL DERRY's (b-1820) youngest brother, JAMES McCANN DERRY (Darry, Dary) was born in Tipton County, Indiana. This county is right next door to Madison County where we know "our DERRY's" lived for a while, before moving on to Adams County, Illinois.

Also received some papers that show a lot of McCANN's buried in the Connersville City Cemetery in Connersville, Fayette County, Indiana. There was a JAMES McCANN who married BARBARA DERRY (Dairy, Dary) and they are also both buried there. This is interesting to me as BARBARA's dates are born 5 October 1798 and died 23 August 1874. JAMES is listed as died 26 May 1849 -- so she was a widow for some time.

I believe this BARBARA DERRY to be a sibling of "my" older BAZIL DERRY (1793-1879) and a daughter of "old Moll". So, it makes sense that their brother, JACOB DERRY (1795-1877) who married RACHEL BRIGHT named their youngest son, JAMES McCANN DERRY (Darry, Dary). Still need to confirm my theory.

Remember that another sibling was RHODA DERRY (1804-1875) who married JACOB ISENHOUR, and she traveled out to Fayette County, Indiana after 1851 by flatboat on the Ohio River "to be with family" after she was widowed. Hmmmm -- so who was this "family" -- looks like it could have been her older sister BARBARA.

The story with JAMES McCANN and wife, BARBARA DERRY (Dairy, Darey) from Indiana County history is this:

"They came to Indiana from western Virginia and located on land that now is in the very heart of the city of Indianapolis; but believing that land there never would amount to anything, presently came over into Fayette county and located in Jennings Township, on what now is known as the old SPIVEY farm, 3 1/2 miles east of Connersville, later moving to a farm which occupied the present site of East Connersville, where they established their home.

Their son, BASIL McCANN, became a partner in the big pork-packing concern of CALDWELL & COMPANY and was office manager for the same. When that concern went out of business about 1876 he continued his extensive farming operations and also for some time operated a saw-mill. He later engaged in the mercantile business in East Connersville and was thus engaged for about 10 years. He was an active Republican and he and his wife were earnest members of the Christian church. BASIL McCANN died in 1885 and his widow survived him for 15 years, her death occurring in 1900.

She was born, ELEANOR WEBB, in Rush county, a daughter of ISOM and ELIZABETH (Cassidy) WEBB, and when a child came to this county to make her home with a cousin, MRS. THOMAS WHITE, and was living there at the time of her marriage to BASIL McCANN.....("Fayette County History Book pp. 1023-1024")"

I also have wondered if the JEREMIAH DERRY, born in 1802 in PA, and settled in Madison and Hancock Counties in Indiana, could have been another sibling -- but could never prove it -- as your (Doc's g-grandfather) BASIL (b-1820) also had a brother named JEREMIAH "Jerry" DERRY, born later."

Joan Brown Derry


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