Ida Catherine Derry


Children Of Ida & Samuel Huntley

Huntley, Bertha I
(Thyra or Thira?)

Huntley, Mary S

Huntley, Nancy M

Huntley, Bazzle A

Unknown, Emma

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Last Update: 10 April 2005

No Picture Available IDA CATHERINE DERRY born January 27, 1825 died November 1904, Fayette County, PA. She was a daughter of Bazil-1793. She married Samuel Huntley.

From Joan Brown Derry, family member and Derry family researcher...

Derry-Emme-Miller Connection- From Fayette, PA Bios.

"Daniel married THIRA HUNTLEY, the daughter of SAMUEL HUNTLEY and CATHERINE DERRY (Deary). Catherine was the 3rd-born daughter in 1825 to "my" BAZIL DERRY (1793-1879) and MARY POLLY SCHULTZ.

It states that CATHERINE DERRY's family came from "Harper's Ferry, WV in the early days" -- so that will take our family line back to a specific geographical location. And what is so neat -- is that I have a lot of "stuff" on these Harper's Ferry folk...
The other interesting thing is that Catherine's younger sister,
LAVINA DERRY (b-1839) married this Daniel's brother, WILLIAM GABRIEL EMME."

Ohhhh -- this is SO much fun!!!



The census summary for Ida Catherine and Samuel Huntley is shown below:

      1850 1860 1870 1880
    State PA VA WV WV
    County Fayette Monongalia Monongalia Monongalia
    Twp/City Georges Ice & Ferry Union Union
    YOB/YOM/YOD Age, BP Age, BP Age, BP Age, BP
Huntley, Samuel Head 1824// 26, PA 33, PA 50, VT 55, PA
Derry, Ida Catherine Wife 1825//1904 25, PA 30, PA 45, PA 51, PA
Huntley, Bertha I Dau 1844(6?)// 4, PA 15, PA    
Huntley, Mary S Dau 1847// 3, PA 10, PA    
Huntley, Nancy M Dau 1852//   8, PA 18, PA  
Huntley, Bazzle A Son 1856//   6, VA 16, WV 24, VA
Unknown, Emma DIL 1856//       24, VA

Census information courtesy: Karen Kurtz

More on the Derry - Emme - Miller connection from David Brewer. David has a great web site dedicated to the history of our families. Here is the link:

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