Ethel Rexroat Derry

Ethel Rexroat Derry

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James Franklin & Alice Mae Rexroat-Derry


Basil & Fredericka Christena Weidenhamer-Derry


Jacob & Rachel Bright-Derry

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Jacob? & Mary "Old Moll" Derry

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Baltser & Barbara Diery-Derry

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Ethel Rexroat Derry

Ethel Rexroat Derry b. 1895 d. 1976 or '77. Eldest daughter of James F. Derry & Alice Mae Rexroat. She married ERNEST SCHWEITZBERGER.

Aunt Ethel and Uncle Ernie had a daughter, Patricia (Ernie's daughter). Pat had a daughter named Sandra. I remember staying at Pat & Sandy's house on many occasions. Friends and family would come on the weekends to play Canasta & Pinochle. The last I knew of Sandra, she lived in or near Denver.
Patricia died in March 1971 of cancer, nearly the same day as my brother Frank.

I remember my Aunt Ethel quite well. I grew up in Denver and lived just a few blocks from her. I visited her numberous times. I remember Uncle Ernie too while visiting him and Anut Ethel in the mid 1950's when my dad was still alive. Uncle Ernie had died before I moved to Denver in the early 1960's, after dad's death.

James Franklin, and daughters, Dorothy (L) and Ethel (R)
c. 1925


Below is a note from Marilyn McLaughlin, who forwarded this letter to me which was written by my Aunt Ethel to her cousin Mary McKitrick...

There is a mountain of information contained in this letter.
Thank you Marilyn,
Doc Derry

"This letter was to Mary McKitrick Meeker from her cousin Ethel Rexroat Derry Schweitzberger.
I have no idea when it was written and there is no "time-frame" in the letter except the mention of a death "7 or 8 years ago" and I do not have a date of death for the person mentioned. This is but bits and pieces of the letter which was Xeroxed."

The following letter had to have been written prior to 18 Dec., 1968.

MARY LOUELLA McKITRICK b. Jan.28, 1889 d. Dec. 18, 1968

[My notes]

(xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Denotes unreadable text)

Ethel writes:

"I saw her when I was maybe--years old. Grandma Derry died when I was about 8. I have an obituary card of Grandpa Derry. It reads: Rev. Basil Derry, Died March 14, 1899. Aged 78 years, 5 months and 3 days. That would make his birthdate Oct. 11, 1821. I don't know Grandma's age. But I believe she was a few years younger than Grandpa. [Her birthdate was 23 Oct. 1829]. I often saw Aunt Lizzie & knew her children. If Earl is still living he is in Twin Falls Idaho. Fredricka has had a rather tragic life. Married at 13 to Frank Gale she had 3children. He was 2?. He was a good worker and good to his family, but in her late teens she grew bitter because she was allowed to marry so young. She felt she had never had any girlhood. She was xxxxxxxxxxxxxx left home as soon as they could. She lives or did, around Bloomington, Ill., I think. Her children were good kids. I've seen them at Aunt Lizzies. When she left Frank he had a nervous breakdown and was in Kankakee but he got well. Flossie married Harley Kost. He was a fine man. They had one child, Dale, who had parylitic polio when he was about 3 years old. It left him badly handicapped. Harley and Flossie spent a fortune on Dale, trying to help him. He is a bright person, but wasn't able to go to school like other children. Too nervous. So the school system furnished teachers to come to the home. He finished high school.
About 7 or 8 years ago I got a letter from him saying that he came home and found his mother dead. She had a heavy cold and was sitting in her easy chair in the living room and the TV was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshe got so heavy. They probably had to take quite a bit of the thyroid gland and she probably needed to take thyroid. But she didn't want to spend money doctoring herself, everything went for Dale and she was a wonderful cook and cooked rich. So she stayed too heavy. And you know fat people dont live as long. Her heavy cold likely turned to pnewmonia. Dale wrote me he couldn't manage the house and grounds and was going to sell the place. The last I heard from him he was in New Mexico, he had sold the place. I've wondered so often how he got along. He was so dependent on his mother, but I lost touch with him. I knew
Uncle Basil ["Uncle Basil" was BASIL B. DERRY, a son of BASIL & FREDERICKA DERRY] as well as a person could know him. He was so quiet. Aunt Fanny did the talking for them both. Myrtle, the oldest girl was in Los Angeles when I last heard from her. She had a greeting card business. I've wondered if maybe Dale went out where she was. I don't know. Yes, it's been very hot here too. But it isn't quite so hot now. Though it isn't cool either. For a woman my age I am real well. As I think I wrote before, I have a part time job. I like to feel I'm still able to do things for others. The Lord has blessed me in it. Oh, yes, our Grandfather Derry was a United Brethern minister. I didn't know if you knew his church affiliation. From what I've heard he was high tempered, but sympathetic to the needs of others. So much so that he was never able to accumulate for himself any more than the absolute necessities. When one has high blood pressure it don't pay to let up on the medicine. That is one thing that goes on as long as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I think you do real xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxconsidering your age and health. No, I don't know Stella Derry. Uncle Mance lived in a little house at Aunt Lizzies place as long as he lived. He was a quite, timid little man who complained a lot about how he felt. I think I saw Uncle Phillip [a son of BASIL & FREDERICKA DERRY] when I was about 8. I don't remember for sure. I remember Aunt Anna and their daughter Gertrude. I don't think I saw Gertrude's sister. They moved to Denver. Uncle Phillip belonged to the Salvation Army and Aunt Anna left him. I have the impression she didn't like the Salvation Army. I only heard of Uncle Charlie [a son of BASIL & FREDERICKA DERRY].
From what I heard he was kind of the black sheep. Married so many times and mean to his family.
Guess I've about run down so I'll stop for now.
Your Cousin,
Ethel Schweitzberger

"How's that for a puzzle?



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