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Clarence P. Derry

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Jacob? & Mary "Old Moll" Derry

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Baltser & Barbara Diery-Derry

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Clarence Park Derry

CLARENCE PARK. DERRY, b. 5 April 1897 d. 3 August 1968. A son of James Franklin Derry & Alice Mae Rexroat. He married, Florence Elsa Hoopert.

Photos and the following information is provided by James Frederick Derry, a grandson of James Franklin Derry, and my 1st cousin, and forwarded to me by James' son, David Derry.

Born: Galesburg, Illinois April 5, 1897
Father: James Franklin Derry (1870-1937)
Mother: Alice Mae Rexroat (1869-1929)
Married: St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Forest Park, Illinois June 22, 1921
Spouse: Florence Elsa Hoppert (1897-1990)
Eleanor (born circa 1922, died at 12 days, from heart problem)
James Frederick Derry (1925-)
Died: Elmhurst, Illinois August 3, 1968 of emphysema
Buried: Arlington Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois

Clarence was drafted from Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas on August 28, 1918 to serve as an Army medic during the flu epidemic of 1918. Prior to being drafted, he had been working in Waveland, Arkansas, as a riveter for a railroad (Rock Island RR?). He was discharged from the Army on December 19, 1919.

Clarence Park Derry
Fort Riley, Kansas- 1918


He probably met Florence while at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois. He was working in construction for the Rock Island Railroad in El Reno, Oklahoma when he married Florence. The railroad subsequently moved them to Minko, Oklahoma and Amarillo, Texas. One day the wind in Amarillo blew Florence off her feet, and she then insisted that they move back to Forest Park, Illinois. Clarence left the railroad, and they moved to 150 Rockford Street in Forest Park.

Clarence bought "BOB's" garage and service station, in the general vicinity of Austin Boulevard and Madison Street, in Chicago. He operated that until the summer of 1931, when the depression turned severe, and many accounts receivable became uncollectible. Indiana Standard Oil forced BOB's into bankruptcy.

The Derry family moved in with Florence's parents. Clarence tried a few jobs that led nowhere, and ultimately took up cross-country truck driving to support his family. He eventually was able to buy his own truck, and was an owner/operator until his retirement in 1953, when he sold out and bought the "Apple Orchard" place.


James Franklin Derry and Alice Mae Rexroat (R), and in-laws Frederick Hoopert and Frieda Kirchberg (L), at the Hopperts home at 829 Elgin Avenue, Forest Park, IL
circa 1920

The Apple Orchard place was an old farmhouse sited on eight lots in Lombard, Illinois; it was the last city property still on acreage. His plan was to build houses on the extra lots, but his health prevented that: He had emphysema, caused by smoking cigarettes all of his adult life.



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