Carlisle Derry

Born 1822 - Died 1894

CARLISLE DERRY Born 1822 in Virginia, and died in 1894 in Madison County, Indiana. He was a son of Jacob-1795 and younger brother of Basil-1820.

Carlisle married JANE COCHRAN, born 1816 in PA, and died in 1894 in Madison County, Indiana.


NOTE: The following is a letter received from John T. Niccum, who writes...
"I have a note sent to me in a round-about way. It is written by a Chandra Hunt. The date on the note is October 4, 1985. This was sent to her grandmother, Willowdean (kelly) Niccum, who sent it to me."

"In the late 1890's, my g-g-grandfather, JAMES DAVID NICCUM, took his family to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. They traveled by covered wagon drawn by a team of oxen. My grandfather, JAMES HENRY NICCUM, rode his pony alongside the wagon. My grandmother's (MARY ANN) parents (CARLISLE DERRY and JANE COCHRAN) lived in Poplar Bluff.

Soon after they arrived in Missouri, one of the oxen disappeared. Henry (JAMES HENRY NICCUM) was sent on his pony to look for the ox along the river. While looking for the ox, his pony was scared by a bear. The bear had made a bed in the cane break along the river. Farther down the river, Henry came to an Indian village and asked the Indians if they had seen the ox. They told him they hadn't seen it, but he saw the bones and hide where they had butchered it.

G-g-g-grandfather Derry (CARLISLE DERRY) died during the time they were out in Missouri. The family was so poor that they had to take the siding off the house to build him a coffin. James (JAMES DAVID NICCUM) sat up that night to keep the wild animals away from the house and body. While sitting there, he heard what he thought was a woman screaming. James screamed back at it. This happened several times and each time it got closer. To my g-g-grandfathers surprise, a big mountain lion appeared at the side of the house instead of a woman.

James (JAMES DAVID NICCUM) and family came back to northeastern Indiana after a year-year and a half."

Note: (John T. Niccum writing) - "There was a note on the back from Willowdean (Chandra's grandmother), wife of RALPH NICCUM, son of JAMES HENRY NICCUM that said:

"According to the stories that were told, James (JAMES DAVID NICCUM) was following a 'scarlet lady' to Missouri. By the time the family made the trip, the authorities had put her into a box car with some food and water, nailed the door shut and shipped her back to Indiana. So the trip was to no avail."




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