A Labor of Love


     I would like to take a moment, to express my thanks and gratitude to Joan Brown Derry and her husband Ron Derry. Joan and Ron are distant cousins through brothers Bazil-1786 and Jacob-1795.
Joan and Ron and I have never formally met. However, I feel as though we have. It is through Joan, that this web site has come to fruition. A long and arduous task of research for more than seven years on her part has inspired this work...truly, a labor of love. A great deal of the information contained on this web site, "Derrys In America - A Glimpse Into History" is the direct result of her work. Without it, this web site would not be possible. Many of the pages are in Joan's own words.
On behalf of the "Derry Clan"... We thank you for your kind devotion and hard work.

And, to All who have helped make this web site possible, thank you for your hard work, and kind devotion!

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