The soothing sound of the lake rushing up the rocks on shore calms my body. I sit on the jumbo bolder just off the shore, in the cool shade of the large willow and listen to the lovely swoosh of the water on the rocks. I listen to the magpies singing their songs. I listen to the breeze shake the nearby aspens. I listen to the squirrels talking.

I look out across the lake and I see the sun rise above mountians. I have never seen the mountians so beautiful, so lively. The sun rise from this spot is better than the sun rise from the beach in the movies.

I sit there I look across the lake and I think. I think about school and my future in it. I think about life and why I should be here. I think about my family and everything they have done for me and what I can do for them. I think about football and how it could play a part in my future.

This beautiful spot on the lake was showed to me by my grandmother three months before she passed away. She told me to not show it anyone except my eldest grandchild. She said it was showed to her by her grandfather, and he by his and so on and so forth.