Proposal to offer remote and on-site training for Cloud Technologies (Azure, AWS, GCP):

  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analysis
  • IoT

General introduction (non technical)
Cloud adoption

I can address many audiences including:

  • Stakeholders and decision makers
  • Executives
  • High School and AP/IB students
  • Technical persons who need cross-training

You can see examples of my work here from "Cloud Academy" and “Learn on Demand Systems”

Logic Apps

Long-running tasks 

There is a 10+ year history of engagements with international clients:

The last link was a Government Sponsored project to re-train professionals from “oil & gas” into IT & Web tech careers

Here is also a Government funded study I did on transitions for High School students to Post-Secondary

Hoping that we can come up with some delivery ideas both remote and in-person

Best regards,
—Derrick So’Brien