About the workshop

Dates: 31 Aug - 4 Sept 2015

Location: Andrew Wiles Building, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

  • Dominic Joyce (University of Oxford)
  • Kobi Kremnitzer (University of Oxford)
  • Kevin McGerty (University of Oxford)
  • Balazs Szendroi (University of Oxford)
  • Richard Thomas (Imperial College London)
  • the geometric Langlands correspondence
  • sheaves on surfaces and links to representation theory, such as the AGT correspondence
  • sheaves on threefolds: Donaldson-Thomas theory and its links to derived geometry; the (CO)HA and its representations
  • categorifications of various structures appearing above
Contact: for further information, email szendroi[at]maths[dot]ox[dot]ac[dot]uk

Support: EPSRC