Pastor Eulando Henton

looking through the glass

What’s up with all the stained glass?
stained glass window with dove

Well, it’s pretty . . . but there’s more. The big one up front and center has a lot going on. Symbols of God and the Christian life - and most certainly in a perfect spot to ponder if you don’t want to nod off.

I am the Light of the World stained glass window
Along the sides,
these all describe Jesus. They all tell who Jesus is and the things he did. They represent who we’re supposed to be like and what we’re supposed to be doing.

The one in the back is the crown of thorns and represents Jesus. It’s stuck way at the top watching over everything. If you think about it, it's up there looking good when the light is on - not doing much of anything when the light is off. Kind of like church. Sometimes it gives you a great feeling to look at it and be in it, but it's just there when the lights are off.

The Bible says we are the body of Christ. Another way to see this window is to think of it as the people in the church. The pieces of glass are different. Big, small, different colors and shapes, different intensities. Kind of like us. We’re all different sizes, shapes, colors, ages and definitely different intensities. Each piece of glass is pretty cool on its own, but when they’re all put together, they make up something pretty amazing. All the pieces are important, even the littlest, most seemingly insignificant. 

That this window is at the far back says something, too. It notes that some things that we do are not out front in the limelight. Some things are in the background, not so noticed but still making a big impact. As a church, we can be pretty amazing because God can do amazing things through us when we let the light shine through, and when we truly represent the body of Christ.

So, what's up with the stained glass? They're good reminders of who we want to be, and who we want others to see when they look through us.

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