Transport sites

This page contains reports from abandoned railways, canals and other transport related sites. Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties have a good selection of transport sites, having lost many railways to the Beeching cuts and in an earlier age lost several rural canals to railway competition. This section is in its early stages but as well as reports from the derelict Wilts & Berks canal it contains a report from Oxford's unique abandoned swing bridge and one of the county's few railway tunnels at Hook Norton.

Most recent report: Ardington Locks, Wilts & Berks Canal

  Ardington locks are a pair of canal locks either side of the Great Western Railway main line to the east of the road connecting Grove and East Hanney. The canal here is mostly intact with a small amount of water in it and both the lock chambers have avoided infilling in the century since they were abandoned. In addition both locks have surviving lock gate remains, unlike the rest of the Grove flight. Read more...