Military sites

The unfortunate consequence of living in a county that does not have a history of heavy industry or a surfeit of empty mental hospitals is that sometimes sites can be few and far between. Fortunately Oxfordshire played its part in both world wars as host to numerous military training establishments, RAF OTU bases and other small military sites. Highlights on this page are the RAF bases with their extensive remains spread across miles of countryside and the low point has to be the disappointing Harcourt Hill POW camp which is little more than an empty field.

Most recent report: Coleshill auxiliary unit bunker

  Coleshill Auxiliary unit bunker is one of the sites that was used to train the auxiliary units, a secret organisation set up to form the British Resistance in the event of a German invasion of the UK. It lies in a patch of woodland and is a small underground chamber made from corrugated iron, brick and concrete with an entrance hatchway and ladder behind a blast wall at one end and an escape tunnel at the other end. Read more...