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Yarnton sewage works graffiti artworks, Oxfordshire

An unusually good quality set of graffiti artworks in an abandoned sewage works

Back in January I visited Yarnton sewage works in the company of BadgerLad. We found a trashed pump house and the remains of the clinker beds and settling ponds, and spent a quality morning taking photographs. When in October I visited the nearby Water Eaton grain silo with Owlet and UKMayhem it was the obvious place to return to for a quick explore on a fine morning.

As expected, in the intervening months there had been other visitors to the site. A bit more rubbish, some more vandalism, things moved around a little. What was unexpected was that some time during summer 2008 the pump house had been used as the canvas for some unusually high quality graffiti. We're all used to finding scrawled tags on our explores but this stuff was on another level and deserves its own report as artwork.

I'm no expert on graffiti or deciphering tags so off to Google for a search on the artists. I read two tags on these works, "Semor" and as far as I can make out, "G.frog". G.frog I can't find online, but Semor, assuming I've found the right artist, turns out to be from Germany and to have quite a significant online presence and online graffiti gallery

The works are spread around the pump house on interior and exterior walls. The photos here are simply a set of quick snapshots on a cold and bright November morning and to state the obvious my copyright assertions extend only to the photos and not to the works depicted.

Enough words, let the pictures do the talking. First an overview of the pumphouse interior to give the scene, then the artworks themselves.


And finally this, whose artist I couldn't decipher. An undersea scene in a derelict sewage works, fantastic stuff!