Industrial sites

If you live somewhere that is mostly flat and rural you soon find that decent industrial remains can be rather thin on the ground. Oxfordshire has plenty of industrial heritage but sadly most of it has been poorly over-developed in an orgy of ill-considered planning. Thus half the sites on this page are from further afield. The local landmarks of Shipton-on-Cherwell cement works and Water Eaton grain silo are joined by a little gem of an abandoned sewage works at Yarnton, visited with BadgerLad as a second choice after flooding prevented access to our original destination but turning out to be a brilliant little discovery.

Most recent report:
Yarnton sewage works graffiti artwork

On the same November day as our trip to Water Eaton grain silo we had another look at Yarnton sewage works. New since January were these graffiti artworks. Read more...